Training Activities

22 mai 2013

Training Activities

The Training unit of FPU is involved in the professional training of members of the local police and gendarmerie. This includes basic training, continuous training and specialized training as well as the training of officers in management. The training which is both administrative and judicial involves several sessions on professional techniques, international values inherent in the dignity of man and the respect of human rights.

Courses in the use of computers in police work, maritime police, maintenance of laws and order, professional ethics, arms and ammunition, crowd control, human rights and gender, police science, fingerprinting photography, traffic control etc are given.

FPU, in agreement with its local partners, has undertaken to construct a prefab building to serve as classrooms and offices for the training programme. The construction will take place within the premises of the Ivorian National Police College.

Moreover, a joint working group of the FPU and the local authorities comprising the cabinet of the Director of the Police College, the Prefect of Police and certain magistrates has been set up to work out the implementation of training programme.