22 mai 2013


The Police division regularly dispatches selection assistance teams (SATs) to assist countries which contribute to UN peacekeeping operations to select their candidates for a given UN mission. An SAT is generally composed of a representative of the UN Police Division, a senior UN police officer already deployed in a given theatre of operation and a third person who has a good practical knowledge of the police needs

of the region in question.

All police officers deployed in peacekeeping missions must be experienced, well trained and very professional. They must meet the following standards:

- Be competent in the language of communication in the mission, both at the written and spoken levels

- Possess a valid driving licence and be able to handle a four-wheel drive vehicle

- Be able to handle firearms where applicable

- Be capable of using UN working tools such as the computer and sophisticated communication equipment.

- Have good sense of judgement and logical approach to problem solving.

- Have a positive attitude and demonstrate tact and impartiality.

- Have self discipline and patience

- Have a firm, but flexible approach and be always honest.

- Be open and friendly toward people of other nationalities and have a sense of humour to be used when appropriate.

- Have the ability to influence others by being imaginative and persuasive.

- Have leadership qualities.

Officers who were not evaluated by SAT in their country would immediately undergo tests on arrival in the mission with the training and induction unit.

Candidates who do not meet the minimum standard required by the mission are sent back home at the expense of their country.