Néamampleu makes commitment to end violence against women

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20 Nov 2015

Néamampleu makes commitment to end violence against women

On the initiative of the Human Rights Division of the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI) and with the support of the local branch of the National Commission for Human Rights, a sensitisation session on the fight to end violence against women was organised for community leaders on Thursday, 19 November 2015 in Neamampleu, a village in the sous-préfecture of Zouan Hounien, in the west of Côte d'Ivoire.

Some 60 community leaders participated in discussions on violence against women, such as female genital mutilation, rape, forced and early marriage, education of young girls, as well as strengthening social cohesion between the different communities in order to achieve lasting peace in the village.

Speaking during the sensitisation session, Edouard Munyeshuli, who led the UNOCI delegation, said the activity was part of a series of sessions organised to strengthen the capacity of community leaders who are can relay information to the population in general. « We came to share with you information on the importance of protecting, promoting and respecting human rights in order to achieve peaceful cohabitation. We would also like to provide you with the skills on how to prevent violence against women in your village, » said Mr. Munyeshuli, who then urged participants to promote civil marriage.

For Vincent Kouakou of UNOCI's Public Information Division, the consolidation of peace can only be achieved by strengthening social cohesion between the different communities in order to contribute jointly to the development of the locality. « Your efforts led to the last elections being organised in a peaceful atmosphere. You must all work together hand in hand to rebuild your village », he said.

The protection of children, female genital mutilation, rape and early pregnancy were presented by Clément Dago from UNOCI's Human Rights Division. He called for an end to such harmful practices which blight the lives of women. « I am counting on your understanding to end these practices which do not honour women and which prevents them from reaching their full potential, intellectually and physically in society, » he added.

The chief of Néamampleu village, Pierre Ounlie Gougoulin Pierre, welcome the initiative to organise the sensitisation session and thanked UNOCI for having explained the need to promote human rights in order to ensure that social cohesion is strengthened to his people. « I assure you that in this village we know that is crucial that we all work together and that unity between communities is an advantage », he added. Mr. Ounlie also took the opportunity to plead for the construction of classrooms at the local primary school which is in a dilapidated stats.